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My wife’s father was here for a little while. They were very attentive and very caring. It was a good value for the dollar and the care was very good. In fact, we had looked at several other care homes and what attracted us to Hialeah Terrace was that it was small. There was a limited number of residents and they seemed to have a good number of people on staff. Per person, they had a good number of people hat were caring for them which meant that he was getting good care and his care needs were quite high. He couldn’t even get out of bed without help. It worked out great. They were good people.

I currently work in care for a very large, well known international company. I love the company I work for and am very happy at work. My Dad is in need of memory care and unfortunately, he was not appropriate for our community. I had to make the decision to place him elsewhere. That decision was Hialeah Terrace. From day one, I have been thrilled with the care he has received. I never have to worry about him, his well being, his personal and medical care and the love he is receiving when I cannot be there. The administration and front line is excellent about informing me of any concerns as they manage them very efficiently and effectively. They know my Dad on a very personal basis, know his preferences, likes and dislikes and past which is where he spends most of his days. They spent additional one on one time with him when my Mom passed away last year. They love him,. listen to him. respect him and provide a real home environment for him. He is very happy in his dementia decline and I cannot ask for more. I thank Lynn and Phil and everyone associate with Hialeah Terrace. Being a two and a half hours drive away, I rest easy every day knowing he is cared for so lovingly. If you need to place your loved one, think Hialeah Terrace!

Cindy B

My mom who is in the later stages of Alzheimers has been at Hialeah Terrace since they opened last year. It is a conveniently located facility with nicely furnished private rooms with half baths. It is a small facility with a variety of large public seating areas both inside and outside for visiting with your loved one. The caregivers are compassionate and knowledgeable and the owners are involved and responsive. They continuously work on keeping the facility in top shape and the employees trained. I would recommend Hialeah to anyone needing an assisted living facility.

Monica Picard

In a meeting with a elderly care placement agency I asked the agent “what is one or two of the best board and care homes in the Fair Oaks area?” The agent didn’t hesitate when he answered “Hialeah Terrace.” I called Lynn and set up a tour to see their home. She and Phil sat down with me, even though they knew that I didn’t represent a potential client. I had lots of questions about how they ran their business and what is the best practices regarding care for the elderly. They took lots of time and their love for caring for people overflowed in our conversation. Since the initial meeting, I have asked many questions by phone and email and the Conner’s have been very gracious with their time. Their care for the elderly extends far beyond their very lovely business. Anybody who chooses Hialeah Terrace will be making a great decision for their loved one.

Anatoliy Molitvenik

I dread the thought of one day needing to be in a place like this….BUT… This place is AMAZING. Fresh fruit growing from tomatoes and strawberries to apples, dates and peaches. The lazy creek style front just looks inviting with a table that can be set for 6. The large water fountain that anchors the back yard begins the magical journey to all the fruit, ending this path is a grape vine that wraps the entire south fence of the raised super-fruit section. The people….wonderful! Caring staff with a supervisor who not only can tell a good joke (every now and then, lol) but also has a heart. Beautiful place, awesome staff, great location and all in all – peaceful.

Sandor Slijderink